PIC/S GMP (The Better Manufacturing Practice)
CCPC Taiwan’s products are manufactured according to PIC/S GMP (Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme’s GMP) which is identical with EU GMP (European GMP).
1964 Awarded inspection approval by the US FDA, making the company the first general pharmaceutical manufacturer in Taiwan to receive acknowledgement from the US government.
1978 First pharmaceutical manufacturer in Taiwan’s to implement a GMP system; company opens a new factory meeting GMP standards.
1979 Signs a technology collaboration contract with the US firm Smith Kline & French Overseas Co. for the production and sale of that company’s patented Tagamet Tablets in Taiwan.
2000 Recipient of the National Biotechnology and Health Care Quality Award.
2001 Receives the Gold Medal for Manufacturing Technology in the 1st Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Awards.